What to Know When Renting A Pump From MWI

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What to Know When Renting A Pump From MWI
Since 1969, we have proudly offered water pump rental to our customers. We entered the market using our own designs, and today, our products are still solving America’s water issues.Below, we want to share with you what to know when renting a pump from us.

There Are Clear Advantages to Water Pump Rental

Understandably, businesses won’t always have the funds to purchase equipment for bypass and dewatering. Take the construction industry, for example—just last year, researchers projected private sector construction spending would total approximately $992 billion. While you can purchase a pump online through our website, renting one is a suitable option if your business needs to save money. You simply pay for the time you need the equipment then return it to us once you complete your project. Furthermore, when you rent from MWI, you can trust that you are receiving the most advanced equipment. If you buy your own equipment, you face the reality that it may become outdated sooner than you’d like, thus, you must settle for aging technology on the job site. Finally, you’re able to rent on your own terms, meaning you can request equipment whenever it’s most convenient for you and your business.

Rent a Pump Based on Your Application

Of course, it’s important that you rent equipment that is designed for the specific project you must complete. Currently, we offer a wide selection of robust pumps for multiple applications, including drainage, flood control, and irrigation. These pumps are available on skids or portable trailers.


The most versatile product we carry, our Hydraflo™ pump can move large quantities of water due to its hoses and hydraulics. In fact, the Hydraflo™ was crucial for dewatering New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina catastrophically flooded the city. It offers numerous benefits—Hydraflo™ pumps are easy to install, maintain, set up, and move, not to mention they save you money and construction time. Instead of months, the installation will only take a matter of days. These pumps have separate drive units, and you also have control over their propeller speeds. Should you need a pump that can run dry, handle solids, and even survive jams with minimal or no damage, we recommend renting a Hydraflo™ unit.


DuraFlo™ pumps are submersible hydraulic trash pumps with diesel or electric drive unit options. Thanks to their rugged design, these units are ideal for construction and mining projects. We build these pumps to be tough—they’re perfect for demanding pumping jobs, including (but not limited to) excavations and sewage. If you opt for this low-cost yet reliable pump, it certainly won’t disappoint. Our available models range from 4” to 12” with 1,400 to 6,000 GPM power capacity.


Our RotoFlo™ units are valve-less self-priming wellpoint pumps that are affordable, fuel-efficient, and easy to set up. Additionally, the RotoFlo™ pumps are flexible because their bolt-together design allows you to combine it with other units. Plus, this type of pump is quick to repair; you can remove the quick-release cover to access the unit’s inner parts without removing major components. It’s best to use this type of pump on construction sites or for groundwater applications. Each pump comes with a diesel, electric, or hydraulic motor.


The preferable choice for industrial and municipal use, PrimeRite™ pumps are self-priming trash pumps that can move thick water in harsh environments. These units have automatic priming and re-priming capabilities, and they’re easy to use, maintain, and repair. This pump works well for handling debris and sewage from construction sites. If you require a dependable unit that can help you reduce costs, the PrimeRite™ is the best option for you, as it rapidly provides businesses with the best ROI.

Silent Partner™

The Silent Partner™ is a heavy-duty sound reduction enclosure that ensures the water pumps you use run quieter in noise-sensitive areas. This system features noise-absorbing insulation and is compatible with our DuraFlo™, Hydraflo™, PrimeRite™, and RotoFlo™ pumps. It’s suitable for a wide range of applications; however, if your business works on residential projects, you should consider renting this product, as it’s essential for quiet operations.

Hydraulic Non-Clog (HNC)

Available with electric or diesel drives, our Hydraulic Non-Clog submersible pump is the efficient unit you need for your unique application. We developed this pump to both save space and improve your bottom line. While businesses can use this hydraulic submersible pump for a few different applications, we suggest this unit for sewer bypass and water transfer. The HNC pump can rapidly move water, and it even outperforms traditional bypass pump systems and lift stations.

We Offer Incomparable Support

Today, Moving Water Industries is one of the most trusted industrial water pump manufacturers in the nation—even the world. Our family-owned business prioritizes constructing quality products; we create our pumps to be durable and long-lasting. Plus, to maintain our reputation and to make sure our pumps exceed our customers’ expectations, we test them all. Even if you have trouble with your equipment on the job site, you can visit our in-house repair center in Vero Beach. We also offer a 24-hour, 7-day a week emergency service on all our systems, so you don’t have to delay your work for very long while you wait for repairs. No matter the size of the project, we have a pump to get the job done. Our high-performance pumps are available for rent at six different locations in Florida—Deerfield Beach, Fort Myers, Jacksonville, Orlando, Tampa, and Vero Beach. Additionally, we have partner companies in British Columbia, Iowa, and Virginia that carry our pumps. To request a pump, fill out our rental form. If you’re still unsure which product would best suit your application, we’re more than happy to aid you in your search for the right product. For additional information, we encourage you to view our specification sheets, which detail pump construction and design, warranty information, and more. If you still have questions after reading the literature on our site, don’t hesitate to give us a call—our knowledgeable staff is ready to assist you.