Training with Yanmar Engines and Controls Inc. at Mastry

We’re thrilled to announce the successful completion of a three-day Yanmar engine training program in Clearwater, FL! Our team had an enriching experience at the Mastry Engine Center, where thirteen dedicated MWI team members immersed themselves in a comprehensive training program.

Training Program Expands Knowledge through Hands-On Experience & Classroom

Throughout the program, our team engaged in insightful classroom sessions, hands-on activities alongside Yanmar technicians and engineers, and received invaluable control panel training from Controls, Incorporated. Today marks the culmination of this immersive journey, and we’re eager to share the knowledge gained.

This initiative is a pivotal step forward in strengthening our customer support capabilities. Equipped with enhanced expertise, our team is now well-prepared to diagnose and address issues, conduct efficient repairs, and optimize maintenance practices, particularly for the latest Yanmar engine models integrated into our MWI Rental fleet.

Next Steps

We are excited about the prospect of applying this newfound knowledge to elevate our service levels and better assist our valued customers. A heartfelt thank you to everyone involved in making this training program a success!