Fast Pump Station Installation

Watch our 60 second video showing a 100,000 GPM Hydraflo™ Pump Station installation done in a matter of days!

Cities are now starting to feel the effects of Climate Change and need to take action. Sea-levels are rising, everyday rain storms are becoming more severe and flooding is happening more often. 252 unprepared coastal cities will have their homes submerged by 2050 if left unplanned (1) –  That’s over 126M Americans and 40% of the US Population (2). Resilient cities are preparing now to combat flooding, climate change, hurricanes and major storm effects.

Doing more with less means saving you more time and effort with less cost. MWI Pumps is known for BIG PUMPS with over 20,000 large pumps installed worldwide. Our Hydraflo™ pumps and submersible electric pumps can move the flows needed at nearly half the cost, requiring very little civil works, and installation time is measured in hours, not days – saving ober 30% of time and money.

MWI Pumps engineering team works with our customers and consultant engineering firms to help design and install storm water pump stations. Additionally, MWI offers both traditional, permanent pump station systems and installation services as well as temporary rental solutions. When you want the job done quickly, with less cost – count on MWI

(1) Climate Central Report – Q4 2019
(2) National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

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