Engineered High-Volume Water Pumps

MWI has been manufacturing commercial-quality axial and mixed flow pumps for any job of any size since the early 1940’s with MWI Couch Pumps Company beginning in 1917. Our heavy-duty high-volume water pumps are made with patented MWI developed technology to combat known jobsite issues, and they are internationally recognized for their longevity, efficiency, and performance. Many of our large volume pumps are available on skids and portable setups, so you can have your pump strategically placed exactly where you need it, when you need it.

Our axial and mixed-flow pumps are designed to provide a very long service life. To withstand even the toughest environments, each high-volume water pump is manufactured using incredibly durable materials and components. MWI large volume pumps are currently in use in over fifty countries around the world. MWI has manufactured over 20,000-30,000  lineshaft pumps, each one custom designed and manufactured to meet our customers requirements.

Ariel view of the 17th Street canal
MWI New Orleans pump facility

The Hydraflo™ is a patented, submersible pump that uses the power of hydraulics to drive the impeller via flexible hoses. This replaces a fixed motor, a long rigid shaft, and the costly supporting structure common to most pumps. The Hydraflo™ is available for rent or purchase.

Submersible Electric pump station

Submersible electric pumps have an impeller directly connected to a water-proof electric motor. These pumps have multiple configurations, including canned or enclosed as well as vertical, horizontal, or any angle in between. Submersible electric pumps are available for rent or purchase.

Lineshaft pump on crane

Axial and mixed-flow pumps are a tried-and-true solution for high-volume, low-head pumping, such as flood control, drainage, flood irrigation, water supply, aquaculture, pump stations, and amusement parks.

Mobile Lineshaft

Our complete mobile pump stations on wheels are easy to move and are operational within minutes after arrival.

H3NC pump

These hydraulic non-clog submersible pumps feature diesel or electric drive units with high-head capabilities. The HNC are excellent for drying out construction excavations, quarry dewatering, large sewer bypass, general municipal use, and industrial work where one must handle large solids and higher head requirements (35-100ft).

solar pedal flow outside

The SolarPedalFlo™ is a complete rural village water supply and treatment unit that delivers potable water to a rural village on a continuous basis. These pumps are powered by solar panels, which keep the unit operating unceasingly. On cloudy days or at night, this pump can be operated simply by pedaling.

MWI pumps are extensively tested and continually refined based on experience and feedback from our customers. Due to the continual improvement of our products, we reserve the right to change designs and specifications.

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