Wellpoint Dewatering Water Pump

The Rotoflo™ wellpoint dewatering pump offers the best in reliability, low operating costs, rapid onsite repairs, and performance. This valve-less positive displacement pump is self-priming and ideal for use in groundwater, construction, and wellpoint dewatering applications. Its 100% bolt-together design adds flexibility to your operations by allowing multiple units to be easily combined for maximum output. With inexpensive spare parts, low maintenance, and rugged components, this pump costs less than comparable pump systems and can be set up and running in a fraction of the time.

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Available for Rent or Purchase

The Rotoflo™ rotary lobe pump is available for purchase or rental. Its unrivaled ability to be repaired quickly and easily onsite makes this unit a favorite among many industries. This pump also features a quick-release cover that can be removed with conventional hand tools to provide easy access to the pump’s inner parts without having to remove any critical components.

The Compact Rotoflo™ has a small, mobile footprint and comes standard with a sound enclosure making it an agile and unassuming ally when facing tough water pumping challenges in residential neighborhoods or areas where sound must be kept to a minimum.

  • Reliable rotary lobe, self-priming, valve-less positive-displacement pump
  • Low cost and high-performance output – RWP006 (540 GPM & 21’ TDH), RWP008 (1650 GPM & 210’ TDH), RWP010 (2260 GPM & 210’ TDH)
  • Compact version is more agile, fits where other units can’t and comes standard with a silent enclosure
  • Rapid & easy on-site repairs – equipped with quick-release cover and parts such as lobes, wear plates and seals that are easily field-replaceable using conventional hand tools
  • Choice of diesel, electric, or hydraulically driven motor
  • Rugged combination of engine, speed reducer and RotoFlo™ pump-head
  • Affordable spare parts are readily available
  • Fuel-efficient and robust – Fuel tank with gauge, lockable fuel cap and dry-running seals
  • Easy transport and flexibility – skid- or trailer-mounted pumps available
  • Quiet and pulsation free for sensitive areas – sound levels as low as 67dB at 7 M (CPB Rated) when coupled with Silent Partner™  

ROTOFLO™  – Performance Curve – RWP006

Performance curves for each bowl size are available upon request or by visiting these pages: 

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