Industrial Pump Accessories & Replacement Parts

Find all the commercial / industrial grade water pump accessories you need for your MWI pump, from water pump hardware to quality replacement parts. Whether you need a spare part to keep on hand in the event of an emergency or a new component to make important repairs, you will find what you need in our selection.

Please note that some water pump accessories come with your purchase or rental. Other water pump hardware and accessories are only available upon request. MWI engineers can review and evaluate all pump parts and present improved technologies that will reduce wear and improve reliability of your pump.

To find out more about the accessories we have to offer, review our literature files or contact us today.

Flap gate diagram

Available with Certain Rentals or for Purchase

Adjustable u-channel diagram

Adjustable U-Channel Stand

45 degree intake

Fixed skidded stand diagram

Intake Fixed Skidded

45 degree intake

45 degree fixed u-channel stand

Intake Fixed U-Channel

45 degree intake

45 degree intake stand diagram

Basic Intake Stand

45 degree intake

Adjustable u-channel stand diagram

Adjustable U-Channel Stand

90 degree intake

90 degree intake diagram

Basic Intake Stand

90 degree intake

Fixed u-channel stand

Intake Fixed

Basic Intake Stand

30 degree elbow diagram

30 Degree

Discharge Pipe Elbows & Flanges

45 degree elbow diagram

45 Degree

Discharge Pipe Elbows & Flanges

90 degree discharge pipe diagram

90 Degree

Discharge Pipe Elbows & Flanges

Flap gate diagram


For Discharge

Verticle intake stand with adjustable legs

4 Adjustable Legs

Vertical Intake

Vertical intake stand with 4 legs

4 Fixed Legs

Vertical Intake

Fixed peripheral bar strainer stand

Fixed Peripheral Bar

Vertical Intake

Vertical intake stand diagram


Vertical Intake

MWI wellpoint

MWI Wellpoint

These PVC Wellpoints with conical end caps are used to draw water and air from beneath the ground to
temporarily lower the water table and allow for construction. We also carry self-jetting wellpoints.

Bauer type fittings

MWI Bauer-Type Fittings

MWI provides a variety of Bauer-type quick connect/disconnect coupling and adapter fittings including; hose ends, screw ends, pipe bends, adapters, flanged ends, rubber sealings, and closure rings.

Header couplings

Header Couplings

These flexible rubber sleeves have stainless steel clamps to quickly join header pipes. 

Wastewater pipe


Headers collect the water from the wellpoints and deliver it to the pump. MWI PVC Schedule 40 header pipe is available in an 8 inch diameter and 20
foot lengths with either 7 or 10 saddles.

Header pipe fittings

Header Pipe Fittings

These header pipe fittings come in a number of configurations including; 450 bend, 900 bend, tee and blank end. All fit with extra strength rubber sleeves and stainless steel clamps.

Rolled hose

Hoses and Fittings

MWI has a complete line to fit  any application.We provide a variety of hoses ranging from suction hose to high pressure discharge hose. All are available with an assortment of  couplings and fixtures.

Swing joints


Our swing joints are equipped with clear plastic elbows to monitor the flow of water and control valves to maintain vacuum levels. Both ends connect quickly and easily.


Ready to Order Parts

  • Propellers
  • Diffusers
  • Casings
  • Suction Intakes
  • Bowls

Accessories 3D Models and Drawings Gallery

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