Water Pump Curves

MWI Pump Curves


We engineer and test our at pumps during manufacture at different RPMS and situations to make our pumps perform at the right conditions. Our Axial Flow Curves, Mixed Flow CurvesPrimerite™ Curves, Duraflo™ Curves, H3NC Curve, Double Diaphragm Curve and Rotoflo™ Curves are can be reviewed via the links below. Any additional curves that are needed can be found via the “Performance Curves” dropdown on their individual product pages.

If you have any questions regarding the curves or capacities, feel free to contact us so we can help you to choose the pump that is right for you.

MWI Pump Chart Curve

Axial Flow Curves

MWI Pump Chart Curve

Mixed Flow Curves

MWI Primerite Pump Chart Curve

Primerite™ Curves

Rotoflo Pump Curve

Rotoflo™ Curves

MWI Pump Chart Curve

Duraflo™ Curves

MWI Pump Chart Curve

Double Diaphragm Curve


H3NC Curve

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