Double Diaphragm Water Pump

Rugged Construction & Wellpoint Dewatering Trash Pump

The Double Diaphragm water pump is a rugged, mobile wellpoint trash pump and an ideal dewatering solution for any contractor looking to get the job done quickly and efficiently. These incredibly versatile diaphragm water pumps are useful in numerous applications, including operations that deal with slurries, mud, sewage, and other thick liquids. Their construction offers the greatest value, durability, reliability, and service life in the industry.

Wastewater flowing from pumps
Double diaphragm drop shadow

Available for Rent or Purchase

Why choose the MWI Double Diaphragm water pump? Its rugged design is strong enough to get through the toughest materials, including solids as large as 3.75”. Because it is portable, flexible, lightweight, and easy to set up, this pump is favored for many operations. Featuring a flex coupling, this diaphragm water pump can be completely disassembled for thorough maintenance checks and cleanings. Even the most challenging environments are no match for this double diaphragm water pump.



  • Slurries
  • Dredging
  • Portable Feed Pumping
  • Open Sump
  • Sewage
  • Wellpoint Dewatering
  • Tanker Unloading
  • Waste Transfer
  • Utility Plants

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