Reliable Automatic Dry Self-Priming Trash Pump

The Primerite™ self-priming trash pump is perfect for contractors, pump rental companies, mining operators, and for general industrial or municipal use. Due to its oil-filled bearing box and mechanical seal in an oil bath, this heavy-duty pump can run dry all day. The Primerite™ is the right choice for handling inconsistent flows in applications such as sewage bypass pumping, job site dewatering, mining and quarries, municipalities, and other industrial operations. These heavy-duty pumps prime and re-prime automatically using the pump or engine-mounted air compressor and a unique priming assembly, which quickly draws water into the pump. These units will “snore” as they continue to draw water when flows are intermittent.


Available for Rent or Purchase

The Primerite™ has proved itself to be a money saver in countless rental operations. Its rugged construction and inexpensive operation make it easy to use, maintain, and repair. Each unit is completely self-contained on a skid or trailer configuration with an integral lifting bail, tie downs, and fuel tank. This self-priming trash pump will hit your “sweet spot,” as it allows for the best possible ROI. Its open impeller is ideal for dealing with sewage and debris from construction sites with solids handling up to 3 1/8″.

  • Quick ROI – Low initial cost and inexpensive to operate
  • Handles sewage and debris solids up to 3.125” with open impeller design
  • Available in sizes from 4″ to 12″ and ranges from 1320 GPM to 6500 GPM
  • Designed rugged – with extreme hardness impeller and wear plates
  • Easy to maintain and repair with affordable spare parts available
  • Endurance – can run dry indefinitely without damage to vital components (oil filled bearing box and a mechanical seal in an oil bath)
  • Dependable – handles inconsistent flows in sewage bypass pumping and job site dewatering with ease
  • Self-contained – skid- or trailer-mounted with integrated lifting bail, tie downs and fuel tank
  • Self-priming for ease of use – continues to re-prime as needed
  • Quiet for sensitive areas – sound levels as low as 67dB at 7 M (CPB Rated) when coupled with Silent Partner™

PRIMERITE™ – Performance Curve – CT004

Primerite suction curvePerformance curves for each bowl size are available upon request or by visiting these pages: 



  • Construction jobsites
  • Pump rental companies
  • Mine or quarry operators
  • Industrial applications
  • Municipal use / municipalities
  • Dewatering
  • Storm bypass
  • Sewage bypass / solids handling
  • Trash pump
  • Sewage and debris from construction sites

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Bypass & Dewatering Pump

MWI pump Primerite, self priming, centrifugal, sanitary, storm bypass
Primerite™ is the rugged choice for handling inconsistent flows found in the sewage bypass pumping and job site dewatering.

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