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MWI Sloan Pump Maintenance & Repair Services

MWI Pumps now provides maintenance services on all existing Sloan Pumps including engineering, manufacturing of custom parts, maintenance and repair of existing pumps in the field. 


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Sloan Pump Company can be traced back to 1958 when Albert H. Sloan came to Ft. Lauderdale to work on the challenging engineering and construction project of building the Henry Kinney Tunnel under the New River. This one project kicked off a flurry of development and helped downtown Ft. Lauderdale to become the fully realized residential and commercial epicenter that we know today.

Sloan, long-known in the industry as “Bert,” was a professional diver and marine contractor on that tunnel project. His profession allowed him into daily, hands-on contact with the dewatering of construction sites and a multitude of dredging projects that are so common in the Southeast. Through his work, he recognized the need for powerful, submersible pumps and wellpoint pumping systems. When searching for cost-efficient solutions at the time, no pumps existed that could dewater a jobsite the way Bert knew was possible. Albert Sloan then began experimenting with various innovative approaches to pump design in order to create his own solution.

Albert spent years of tedious research and development creating a superior product that lived up to his expectation. Sloan’s fertile mind and relentless dedication to creating a new generation of pumps resulted in designs that were granted more than 26 U.S. patents. Albert not only designed the new submersible hydraulic pumps, he literally built his prototypes by hand. Being an accomplished diver, Bert tested his new pumps under the most severe conditions to make sure they were tough enough for any environment.

When contractors saw the amazing performance of the  Sloan developed pumps, they immediately wanted them. The Sloan Pump Company was formed to manufacture these pumps and meet the new demand. In <1985>, MWI Pumps acquired the Sloan Pump Company.

Today, Sloan Pumps can still be found throughout the world, performing efficiently and effectively. MWI Pumps continues to service these pumps to this day for our customers in order to keep them running smoothly.


Uniquely designed and engineered to solve the toughest dewatering problems. Sloan Pump products have an outstanding reputation for being able to handle the toughest dewatering problems while operating at lower RPMs than other pumps, resulting in increased life span due to reduced wear on all pump parts.

  • Cast iron hydraulic motors with replaceable cartridges
  • Heavy duty bearing housing
  • Stainless steel composite shafting
  • Mechanical seals and bearings bathed in system hydraulic oil
  • Full size trash screens
  • Quick disconnect hydraulic fitting
  • Heavy duty, high pressure whip hoses
  • Heavy duty hydraulic fluid exchanger on all sludge pumps, most trash pumps and specific axial flow pumps


Sloan Hydraulic Wellpoint Pump
This pump can be separated from the power source, thus enabling the power source to be removed from the work area, eliminating ground vibrations that may cause cave-ins of the excavated area. This system is very versatile in its set up to conform to all excavation site shapes. Extremely durable, Sloan pumps are designed tough for use on any construction site. The power source required to run the Sloan Hydraulic Wellpoint Pump is capable of handling 22 different Sloan pump heads.

Sloan Multi-Purpose Wellpoint Pump
This pump is used for all general wellpoint applications, but is also functional as a conventional pump in the removal of water from wells and open ditches. The pump and power source are coupled together in one unit. This unique, durable Sloan pump system has been designed for most extreme challenges of all construction dewatering project applications.

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