Submersible Electric Water Pumps

Customizable Electric Underwater Water Pump with High-head, Mixed-flow & Low-head, Axial-flow Propeller Design

MWI’s submersible electric water pumps are built with an impeller that’s directly connected to a waterproof motor. These high-volume submersible pumps are available in multiple configurations, including canned or enclosed as well as vertical, horizontal, or any angle in between. They are easy to maintain and offer a quiet operation as well as a low profile.

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Our submersible electric water pumps come in a high-head, mixed-flow, and low-head axial-flow propeller design. Their compact configurations are achieved by building the housing for the thrust bearing and motor into the bowl of the pump. These units are often used in applications for storm water drainage, flood control, irrigation, and final effluent pumping. Contact us to discuss intermediate and larger-sized units that are not shown or listed. We offer a variety of discharge configurations for you to choose from and every unit can be customized to fit your jobsite specifications. These high-volume submersible pumps are available in sizes ranging from 8-inches to 60-inches in diameter.

  • Efficient, low profile and reliable – simplified drive train with easy access points for maintenance
  • Available in sizes ranging from 8″ to 60″ in diameter
  • Stainless steel motor housing comes standard on most models
  • Cost saving – reduces costly civil works facility building with no need for protective housing
  • Versatile – can be installed at any angle for streamlined municipal pump station setup
  • Quality and durability – built with premium, tough, and corrosion resistant internal components to keep the pump running efficiently and effectively
  • Pump lift-out option for easy routine maintenance
  • Easy to order and affordable spare parts – non-proprietary bearings and seals
  • Operating and installation cost saving – pump is custom designed and optimized to fit your application



Performance curves for each bowl size are available upon request or by visiting these pages: 



  • Storm water drainage
  • Emergency flood control
  • Agricultural irrigation
  • Final effluent pumping
  • Municipal
  • Industrial
  • Moving large volumes of water

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Configurable to meet your needs

submersible, low profile, storm water drainage, flood control, irrigation
A variety of configurations are available, depending on the area of installation.

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