Water Infrastructure Security

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MWI’s high-volume pumps can assist with water infrastructure security. This is the process of securing or protecting a vital water system from contamination or sabotage, be it a river, drinking water supply, lake, or aquifer. Infrastructure security also deals with the protection of important structures, such as highways, power plants, transportation services, financial services, and security services.

We use our high-capacity water pumps coupled with our experienced engineering department to assist customers with the development of their water infrastructure security plan. Our high-volume pumps are also utilized when water infrastructure is compromised. An example would be New Orleans, Louisiana, after the Hurricane Katrina emergency. The city was flooded, and the levee system broke down. MWI was hired to combat the flood. We used our high-capacity water pumps to bring New Orleans back to normal.

MWI can assist by supplying emergency pumps, back-up systems, pumping water from alternative sources, repairing damaged pumping equipment, and supplying pre-engineered backup pumps with prior approval in the event an emergency requires pumping water from alternative sources.

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