High Pressure Jet Pump

High Pressure Jet Pumps make short work of gravel washing, drilling, pipeline testing, equipment cleaning, piling and wellpoint jetting, as well as any other high pressure applications.

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Available for Rent or Purchase

The High Pressure Jet Pump is a heavy-duty water pump that can handle the toughest jetting job with flows to 4000 GPM and pressures to 220 PSI. These complete units are available skid-mounted or via a portable configuration. Each jet pump comes with an open industrial power unit, integral fuel tank, lifting bail, control panel and hand or compressor-driven priming system.

  • Make short work of drilling, gravel washing, pipeline testing, and any other high pressure application
  • Install wellpoints and run sprinkler systems at golf courses for temporary solutions 
  • Jet in sheet piling and sea walls
  • Test building fire suppressant systems 
  • Flows to 4000 GPM
  • Pressures to 220 PSI
  • Operate in skid or portable configurations
  • Open industrial power unit
  • Hand or compressor-driven priming system
  • Integrated fuel tank with larger tanks available if requested
  • Longevity – All fuel tanks are sized to operate continuously for 24 hours without refueling

JET PUMP – Performance Curve

Jet Pump performance curve Performance curves for each bowl size are available upon request or by visiting these pages: 

Solutions to Common Problems & Application Gallery



  • Wellpoint installation
  • High pressure jet pumping
  • Remediation
  • Recharge
  • Multiple fluid transfer capability
  • Pigging
  • Construction jobsites
  • Pump rental companies
  • Mine or quarry operators
  • Industrial applications
  • Municipal use / municipalities
  • Sock dewatering

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