Remote Monitor and Control Solution for Small & Large-Volume Water Pumps

24/7 Remote Monitoring & Control Solution for Small & Large-Volume Water Pumps

MWIConnect™ is a powerful, compact turnkey IoT remote monitoring and control solution for small to large-volume water pump systems. Track your pump system pressure, flow, temperature, levels, vibration, start/stop operations, and location the moment the equipment hits the jobsite. MWI’s cloud-based app and drive unit-mounted module provides peace of mind by connecting you with real-time data 24/7. This connection allows you to improve planned maintenance, track location, receive alerts for present or critical conditions, monitor system operation and troubleshoot if needed before sending out a technician. Save time, money, and stress by maximizing Jobsite efficiency while reducing emergency repairs, downtime, and unneeded on-site labor no matter your location.

MWI Connect on iPhone
MWI Connect Remote with iPhone

Available for Purchase or As Part of a Rental Pump Package

MWIConnect™ gives you peace of mind with 24/7 access to monitoring, alerts, reporting, and control abilities worldwide at the touch of a keystroke.

What can you do with MWIConnect™?

MWI Connect Remote

Connect to Higher Efficiency with Ease

  • Remote review of real-time data including pressure, flow, levels, temperature, vibration, start/stop operations, location and more
  • Respond faster to running condition issues thereby reducing unit wear-and-tear and avoiding costly downtime, shutdowns or failure
  • Increase performance by analyzing energy consumption
  • Easily collect and monitor multiple pump’s metrics within one unified platform

Planned Maintenance, Faster Pump Service & Less On-site Labor

  • Eliminate the need for on-site manual inspections saving thousands per week in operating costs
  • Integrated vibration, pressure and temperature monitoring gives insight into pump performance
  • Real-time usage data helps you to plan maintenance such as replacing bearings, wear rings, and seals
  • Alerts allow you to quickly troubleshoot or schedule pump repair technicians if needed
  • Proactively diagnose equipment to ensure service technician is prepared upon jobsite arrival

What can MWIConnect™ do for you?

Reliable Turnkey Connectivity

  • Remote system monitoring and control the moment the units go online at the jobsite
  • Secure cellular connection 
  • Alerts can be easily set up and sent to multiple users via SMS and/or email for quick response
  • Remote module is field programmable and upgradeable to meet changing site conditions and customer requirements
  • Continuous monitoring and storing of run-time data even when the pump is out of cell range
  • All real-time data is fully accessible from any fixed computer or mobile smart device

Protect Property, Improve Lifespan, Safety & Security

  • Improve pump lifespan with automated alerts to keep you aware of system safety limits and help avoid emergencies
  • Easily track and analyze pump use/misuse to identify issues with stored run-time history.
  • Built-in GPS helps you keep track of your pump’s location
  • Geofencing helps prevent against loss, misuse, or theft of equipment with controller disabling functionality
  • Automatic low water level shut off with float or transducer enabled connection
MWI Connect Remote Control on iPhone


System & Accessories

  • Drive Unit Mounted Module
  • Cloud-Based App & Website
  • Sensors
  • Retrofit Kit

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