Bypass Pumping

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MWI provides bypass pump rentals for municipalities, construction projects, and industrial applications. All our bypass pumps are also for sale if the facility needs a more indefinite solution. Bypass pumping temporarily takes the place of a sewage treatment system when the system is being repaired or replaced. Bypass pump rentals are often needed when storm waters flood the sewers, but they are also used in applications that include leaking or clogged pipes. As it ensures that the sewage and waste water do not contaminate fresh water sources, bypass pumping is an important process. It can also prevent the interruption of a nearby construction project. To find out more about our bypass pump rentals, fill out the form below. One of our representatives will be in touch with you shortly.

MWI pumps can bypass other applications beyond sewers. MWI focuses on sewage system bypass because we pride ourselves on being able to act quickly and effectively. Failure to act quick can cause residents to get sick, and fresh water can be infected with bacteria and other materials. For more information on how we can use bypass pumping for other applications, please contact us.

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