Flood Control & Stormwater Pumps

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Our flood control pumps and storm water pumps are used to prevent or reduce the potential long-term effects of standing water and heavy water movement. Regardless of whether the flood happened via excessive rainfall, hurricane, tsunami, high tide, or a sequence of severe weather events, MWI flood control pumps can help cities regain dry ground before or after an emergency event. MWI large-volume pumps can provide extra capacity as part of a permeant system of dams, levees, and other barriers used to prevent further water movement in the event of a flood. Additionally, they can provide necessary short-term pumping capacity of stormwater when used with other temporary water maintenance accessories such as sandbags, bunds, or aquafences.

MWI flood water pumps have been used in flood control applications all around the world and are a tested and proven solution. These pumps are used in brand-new flood prevention systems, but they are also used to provide temporary protection and capacity during outages or repairs of existing pumps. They can also be used while long-term stations are being designed and constructed. The most famous use of our flood control pumps would be in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina struck. Regardless of your situation, contact us to see how our products could be a part of your flood control, contingency plans, or emergency response plans to move water out of an area quickly.

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