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A collection of our downloadable documents for ease of use. Contains all our products and their documents. Our pumps are extensively tested and continually refined based on experience and feedback from customers. Due to continual improvement of our products, we reserve the right to change designs and specifications. Check back regularly for updates. For access to our engineered drawings and specifications, please register for an account.*

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The Hydraflo™ is a patented, submersible pump that uses the power of hydraulics to drive the impeller via flexible hoses. This replaces a fixed motor, a long, rigid shaft and the supporting structure common to most pumps that can move very large quantities of water. The unique design allows the pump to be set up in hours – not months- eliminates most of the civil works necessary for installation – saving a lot of time and money, allows the pump to be portable and provides variable speed control.

Hydraflo™ – Spanish
Hydraflo™ Manual
Hydraflo™ – Single Stage Physical Data

The MWI Hydraflo™ hydraulic submersible pumps coupled with their diesel or electric drive units are an unbeatable combination for: drying out construction excavations, quarry dewatering, bypassing sewage, general municipal use and industrial work.


Submersible electric pumps have an impeller directly connected to a water-proof electric motor. These pumps have multiple configurations – vertical, horizontal, or any angle in between, canned or enclosed.

Submersible Electric Brochure
Submersible Electric Pump Specs
Angled Drawing
Submersible Electric Assembly
Angled Installation

Axial and mixed flow pumps that are a tried and true, dependable technology which will meet your needs for high-volume, low head pumping such as flood control, drainage, flood irrigation, water supply, aquaculture, amusement parks and other similar requirements.

Lineshaft Pumps
Lineshaft Diesel Driven
Lineshaft Electric Driven

Complete mobile pump stations on wheels that can be quickly moved to where they are needed and will be operational within minutes of arriving – these mobile pumps are reliable and ready to go.

Mobile Pumps
24″ Mobile Hydraflo™

The Primerite™ High-Heads are self-priming, automatic dry trash pump built with larger performance envelopes for high-head applications. These units boast all cast iron construction and high lift performance in the most extreme environments.

The Minemaster High-Head Primerite™ is a powerful trash pump designed to handle the toughest mining jobs in the oil and gas industry and versatile enough to handle numerous industrial applications. 

Primerite™ Manual
HH6X4 High Head – 6 X 4 Inch
HH8X6 High Head – 8 X 6 Inch
HH10X8 High Head Minemaster – 10 X 8 Inch

High Pressure Jet Pumps make short work of gravel washing, drilling, pipeline testing, equipment cleaning, piling and wellpoint jetting, as well as any other high pressure applications.

JP004 – Jet Pump
JP006 – Jet Pump

Self-priming, valveless positive displacement pump – perfect for groundwater applications, including wellpoint dewatering. Available for purchase or rental, the Rotoflo™ is unrivalled in its ability to be repaired easily on-site.

Rotoflo™ Manual
RWP006 – 6 Inch
 Compact RWP006 – 6 Inch
RWP008 – 8 Inch
RWP010– 10 Inch 
RWP012– 12 Inch

Patented, complete rural village water supply and treatment unit that is capable of delivering potable water to a rural village on a continuous basis. Primary power for the SolarPedalFlo™ are the solar panels, which operate the unit continuously under varying light intensities. At night, or on cloudy days, the Solar PedalFlo™ can be operated simply by pedaling.

SolarPedalFlo™ Manual

A reliable piston, self-priming, positive-displacement pump that is made for construction dewatering.

Piston Wellpoint Pump

High-performance, automatic-priming, run-dry PrimeRite™ pump with the specially designed, sound attenuation enclosure. Perfect for residential areas, near hospitals, government buildings, schools and wherever quiet operations are required.

Silent Partner™

The Double Diaphragm Pump is the newest addition to the MWI contractor dewatering pump line. The Double Diaphragm Pump is an incredibly versatile pump capable of working in numerous applications and industries.

Double Diaphragm
Double Diaphragm Manual

Turn any location with an existing gate into a pump station
MWI Pumps has been creating 2-way water pumping systems for decades. No matter what type of gates your project requires, MWI Pumps has products and services to fit your application. Choose from cast iron slide or flap gates, fabricated slide or flap gates, rectangular butterfly gates, stop logs, lifts and additional accessories.

1- & 2-Way Gate Pump System

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