Hydraflo™ HNC High-Head Non-Clog Pump

High-Head Hydraulically Non-Clog Submersible Pump

The Hydraflo™ HNC high-head non-clog hydraulic submersible pump is designed for use in the toughest environments. These non-clog pumps never quit—helping to improve your bottom line.

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While typical Waste Water Treatment Plant bypass operations require eight water pumps to handle the primary flow and 1-2 extra pumps with only 25% redundancy, just four HNC 20″ pumps can handle the full plant bypass with 100% redundancy*. 

MWI developed the Hydraflo™ HNC non-clog pump as a simpler, more robust solution. These hydraulic submersible pumps outperform other bypass pump systems and lift stations with their efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and space-saving design. Available with electric or diesel drives, one HNC 20” system with four pumps and drive units uses 50% less space than traditional bypass pump systems. The Hydraflo™ non-clog pump also has a 200% larger handling capacity for solids up to 6” and a flow of 25MGD per pump.

Additionally, the entire HNC system can be installed in half the time of a typical plant bypass and is expertly maintained by our servicemen during the length of your pump rental. To get the job done right, choose the security and efficiency of the HNC non-clog pump to handle your full plant bypass operation with 100% redundancy.



  • Flood Control
  • Industrial
  • Bypass Pumping
  • Stormwater Drainage
  • Construction Dewatering
  • Agriculture
  • Aquaculture
  • Quarries
  • HNC
    – Hydraulic Motor – Vane type
    – Impeller – Closed two-bladed ductile iron
    – Shaft material – 300 series stainless steel
    – Diffuser – Ductile iron
    – Discharge – 20″ ANSI
    – Hydraulic quick disconnects – 2” Supply, 2″ return, 3/4″ case drain
    – Mechanical seal – Silicone carbide – Hydraulic-fluid bathed
    – Bearings – Angular contact grease packed
    – 50,000 hours – Minimum life
    – Weight – 4,800 lbs
    – Coating – Epoxy
  • HNC14
    – Able to fit inside a 28 inch manhole
    – Larger solids handling capability up to 3” solids
    – 10MGD+ @40’ TDH, 5 MGD+ @ 90’ TDH
    – Capable of double staging pumps in series to achieve twice the TDH for higher head applications
    – Up to 40% less energy consumed
    – At 40” TDH, one HNC14 can move almost 2x the flow of an 18” automatic self priming pump operating at 25’ static lift
    – Intermittent run dry capability
    – Grease lubricated bearings
  • 3000 Drive Unit
    – Diesel engine – 300 HP at 1800 RPM
    – Engine panel with tach, hour meter, high coolant
    temperature and low oil pressure shutdowns plus over speed protection
    – 187 gallon vented fuel tank with extra large filler and fuel gauge
    – 40 gallon hydraulic fluid tank
    – Safety shutdowns for low hydraulic oil, excessive vacuum
    and high hydraulic oil temperature
    – Equipped with an internal suction strainer, return filter, external
    sight gauge for hydraulic oil and vented hydraulic oil filler cap
    – Hydraulic pump – Dennison Vane type
    – Weight: 6,500 lbs (dry)

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HNC Assembly

Hydraulic Motor, Bearing Box, Diffuser Wear Ring, Impeller Wear Ring, Impeller, Intake Wear Ring, Intake, Stand
Cut away view of the HNC assembly

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