S-13 Pump Replacement

Pump Repair and Replacement

S-13 Tamarac Pump Replacement

On July 7, 2014 The City of Tamarac awarded Moving Water Industries (MWI) a project that consists of repairing and converting seven large axial flow storm drainage pumps from oil lubrication to water. Water lubrication is an alternative to oil lubrication. It is the safest way to protect our fragile ecosystem from the harmful effect of petroleum products.

The seven pumps only needed repairs because they started seeping oil from the seals. A visual inspection found the seals were leaking and could be the beginnings of contaminating the local waters.  The customer asked if there was a better way to seal the pumps or do away with the oil completely. MWI responded “yes,” and stated that this would be the time not only to inspect the pumps for damage and to convert them to water lubrication since the pumps will already be removed from one of the three pump stations.

It’s a simple conversion especially if you are concerned about protecting the environment. The conversion consists of a stainless steel pump shaft and an auxiliary water pump (house sprinkler pump) to force clean water to lubricate the stainless shaft within the drainage pump.

This conversion was a success for The City of Tamarac and all others involved. No more worries of any oil contaminants in the water. The pumps will no longer need to be pulled which is very expensive for an inexpensive seal that only cost a few dollars. This is just another step in the right direction of saving the environment like the other major drainage districts such as the South Florida Water Management District where this idea was derived.