High Powered Drive Units

Diesel, Electric, and Duel Setups

MWI Drive Units

MWI works with companies like John DeereCaterpillar, and US Motors to make sure our customers have the most reliable engines to power their water pumps and are as efficient as possible. While our water pumps are submerged in the water, the operating and control components stay on land. We provide multiple configurations of our drive units to the customers specific demands but what is also in our best judgement.

The size, horsepower, and dimensions of our drive units depends on the projects specifications. While we have drive units available immediately, we know customers do prefer us to make brand new drive units with a few differences –again– depends on the details of the job. Here is an example of a recent diesel drive unit we completed:

We have also been told by previous customers in impoverish areas that our drive units (specifically the electric drive units) would be used as back up generators for their homes in times of need. This shows the versatility and ease of use with our equipment if our customers can find multiple ways to use our products to help make their lives easier.