Flood Control Pumps Aid Florida in Hurricane Eta Relief

Flooding at Tower Shops

Hydraflo Pumps Help with Hurricane Eta Recovery in South Florida -

Stormwater from Tropical Storm Eta accumulating to over 14 inches of flooding in South Florida. Miami-Dade and Broward counties were hit especially hard with rainfall. Luckily MWI flood control pumps were there to aid Florida in Hurricane Eta flood relief efforts. The South Florida Water Management District (SFWMD) responded quickly and utilized a MWI Hydraflo™ hydraulically-driven large-volume submersible water pump to help with immediate disaster recovery. The pump was powered by a brand new drive unit to help with drainage. The pump was deployed in the early morning hours after the storm made landfall in Florida on Nov. 9, 2020.

SF Water Mgmt District
SF Water Management District

MWI Pumps is ready and available to move water no matter the cause

“MWI Pumps doesn’t just specialize in building permanent pumps for pump stations,” said MWI Pumps President Dana Eller. “We have a significant rental fleet to allow for increased  temporary capacity. For whatever reason, be it higher than expected seasonal flooding, incoming hurricanes, or reduced pump capacity while equipment is being repaired, MWI Pumps is prepared to help.”

The streets of South Florida became shallow rivers after Tropical Storm Eta soaked the region overnight. In addition to dumping almost 14 inches of rain inland, it also caused storm surge along the coast. This left hundreds of thousands of people without electricity and in danger of flood damage.

Water was knee-deep in parts of Broward County causing water damage and flooding to cars and homes. The emergency pumps that were quickly deployed began getting the water out almost immediately once the storm waters subsided.

Flooding Homes in Plantation
Flooding Street in Plantation

“Thanks for getting this water moved out in record time. That was the most water that pooled around my house in West Pembroke Pines in 20 years.”

MWI Pumps have been essential in disaster recovery efforts

Eta isn’t the first time MWI flood control pumps aided in Hurricane relief efforts. The Hydraflo™ was essential in disaster recovery efforts. MWI pumps were critical in dewatering New Orleans after the flooding caused by Hurricane Katrina in 2005. MWI sent 20 large portable pumps to multiple locations for the city to use during the emergency until the area was dry. These large water pumps have proven to be an important part of storm and hurricane preparation projects. This includes the most recent, Hurricane Eta, which later weakened to a Tropical Storm.

Water Management Agencies and Drainage Districts in Florida

There are 5 Water Management Agencies in Florida, each overseeing many local drainage districts – SFWMD’s territorial responsibilities alone, there were 298 as of 2015. Many other states, including Texas and Louisiana, structure their districts the same way i.e. using many small, localized taxing districts to be responsible for flood and damage in their areas, set up by state charter.

For example, the Lake Worth Drainage District was established in 1915 to provide water management and to drain lands for the migration of habitats and to reveal fruitful lands for food production. The Lake Worth Drainage District was created for the purposes of:

  • Reclaiming, draining, and irrigating the lands within its boundary
  • Providing water control and water supply
  • Protecting the lands within its boundary from the effects of water by means of the construction and maintenance of canals, ditches, levees, dikes, pumping stations, and other works
  • Providing improvements for the purpose of making the area habitable for both settlement and agriculture

These districts work in conjunction with the five State of Florida Water Management districts.

SF Water Management District
SF Water Management District

South Florida Water Management Districts have been working 24/7 to keep residents safe and dry

Because of the immense amount of water Eta dropped on Broward County, the SFWMD has been working 24/7 on water management. MWI Pump units worked overnight after landfall to get the water pumped into safe locations such as canals throughout Broward County. Pumps worked as quickly as possible to relieve flooding and to assist local drainage efforts.

Florida residents who are experiencing flooding should report it by entering your address at the bottom of this page: www.sfwmd.gov/FloodControl

For flood control pumps and pumping services, please contact MWI at 772-770-0004. We are available 24/7 to assist you and your water pumping needs.

Thank you to South Florida Water Management District for some of the pictures and the hard work.