Innovative Answer for Gate Repair

Innovative answer for Gate Repair

By Tyler Henning, McElroy. May 2013

If there is a state that knows a thing or two about water, it’s Florida. The state contends with hurricanes that dump heavy rainfalls in short amounts of time, two massive coastlines, world-famous beaches, the Everglades, and many canals. The jobsite called for a number of 45-degree elbows to be fused onto the four pipes at different distances to create four pipes running side-by-side from above the dam to below it.

With so much water as part of everyday life, naturally some manmade water management comes into play. In 2009, the South Florida Water Management District called upon Moving Water Industries (MWI) and HD Supply Waterworks to use their expertise to move the water in a subbasin to a manageable level in order to repair an eroded flood gate.  The Osceola County flood gate’s base was originally 12 inches of cement, but the water had eroded the concrete to 8 inches (203 millimeters).

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