Detailed Drawings And Specifications

Records of past projects by our engineers of detailed drawings and specifications regarding past MWI projects and other cataloged information. Due to continual improvement of our products, we reserve the right to change designs and specifications. You have the freedom to download these documents, that are the sole property of MWI Pumps, but they are not to be redistributed. The downloadable and editable spec sheets are there for proposals. Check back regularly if needed.

Engineered Drawings

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Hydraflo – Horizontal

Horizontal Elevation View — Horizontal Application
Horizontal Configuration — Horizontal Configuration
Horizontal Riser — Horizontal Riser Pump
Electric Drive Pump — Dual HACX-12 Riser Pumps w/Individual 1200E Drive Units
Two-Way Assembly — HAC-3-30

 Hydraflo – Vertical

Vertical Hydraflo — Vertical HAC342
Lift Out — Vertical Lift-out
Pump Station Setup Example —  Stormwater Pump Station
By-Pass Installation — HAC-330 Sewage By-Pass Dual Pump Instllation

Hydraflo – Angled

Hydraflo Installation — Angled Hydraflo installation
2 Stage Hydraflo — 2 Stage Angled Hydraflo Installation
Angled Hydraflo — 45 Degree Angled Hydraflo installation
Installation Details — HAC342 Angled installation through Headwall
Hydraflo Diesel Drives — HAC360 Through Headwall, Portable Drives
Double Stage Installation — Angled HAC330
Mixed Flow Diesel Drive — Angled HAC330

General SEA Drawing — General arrangement and setup for a submersible electric SEA-assembly — Assembly for the SEA330 SEA Angled — From Brevard County project SEA Vertical — From Hero Canal project SEA316 Arrangement — General arrangement for the SEA316 Layout — Concept layout Angled — Propposed drawing for model SEA316 Installation Drawing — From Iowa River Basin project SEA320 Drawing — For D6 and D7 pump stations Vertical — General arrangement for vertical SEA342 Angled Proposal — For Morefield Pump Station Angled Drawing — Angled water pump. SEAC15 Dimensions — Standard dimensions Curves — Standard performance curves

These drawings are not currently available online. Please contact one of our MWI Engineers for more details.

Mobile Hydraflo

Floating Water Pump — Inverted Floating Pump

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