David Eller in UF ABE Update – 100 Years of Innovation

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David Eller was recently spotlighted in the University of Florida / IFAS ABE Update Newsletter – 100 Years of Innovation Issue. The Fall 2023 publication honored those graduates of the Agricultural and Biological Engineering Programs that have made a significant impact on their field based on their studies. David was one of a kind, and a true pioneer. At MWI Pumps, we are proud and honored to continue his legacy by building on the product and innovative ideas he worked to establish.

Read the article here: UF/IFAS ABE UPDATE – FALL 2023

J David Eller (on behalf of his son Dana Eller)

1964, B.S. in Agricultural Engineering

What is your fondest memory of ABE?

My father, David Eller’s fondest memory, was how he got into the ABE department (AGE back then). He was in Mechanical Engineering, and they would not provide enough space for his Engineering Fair project, which was models of different axial flow propeller pumps. The professors for ABE approached him and suggested he put it in their area and consider changing to become an Agricultural Engineer. He did, and his Engineering Fair project won that year. 

How did the ABE Department impact your life?

Through the course on power and machinery, my father learned about Hydraulic power, which he was able to apply to our products, and eventually earn numerous patents on pumping technology. In addition, our entire family and business continues to benefit from numerous relationships with students and faculty we have come to know from UF. 

How will ABE impact the next 100 years?

I think that it will continue to be one of the best engineering education someone should consider. It helps to develop well rounded thinkers, that can solve problems, from a local level, to world scale, because of the broad foundation an ABE receives across multiple engineering disciplines.

About UF/IFAS:

The University of Florida’s Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences (UF/IFAS) is dedicated to advancing knowledge in agriculture, natural resources, and the life sciences while making this knowledge accessible to improve the quality of human life. With programs spanning every county and research centers and Extension offices throughout the state, UF/IFAS is the foremost source for expertise related to agriculture, natural resources, and the life sciences.

About MWI Pumps:

MWI Pumps is a renowned, family-owned manufacturer of high-quality pumps, specializing in solutions for irrigation / agriculture, construction dewatering, sewer bypass, and flood control. Founded in 1926, the company has a rich history of serving South Florida’s water management needs. Dana Eller, the current President of MWI Pumps, continues the tradition of excellence and innovation established by his family.