MWI Pumps plans to Exhibit at The Governors Hurricane Conference 2023

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MWI Pumps to exhibit and promote its emergency services and products at the 2023 Governors Hurricane Conference at the Palm Beach Convention center, May 10-11.

MWI Pumps is pleased and excited to connect with governmental contacts from Florida municipalities, towns, villages, homeowners associations, and subcontractors at the 2023 Governor’s Hurricane Conference, May 10-11th at the Palm Beach Convention Center!  We will be highlighting the Emergency services and products we can offer you to prepare for a hurricane or tropical storm and also help you deal with the flooding.

Convention attendees will learn more about our emergency services and products we offer to help your organization deal with the after-effects of a hurricane/tropical storm. 

Our pumps are geared and designed for such situations by offering rugged dewatering pumps, and cost-effective municipal-approved pumps along with complete maintenance/repair and rental services at the Moving Water Industries / MWI Pumps booth will be located in Booth 802 at the Palm Beach Convention Center.

We’re experts in flood control, storm water and sewage bypass emergency applications. Many local municipalities and state agencies already rely on us for their storm water, flood control and emergency pumping requirements. 

Please visit us to learn how we can support your needs, not just before the storm, by adding additional storm water pumping capacity, but afterwards. 

MWI Pumps…The Power to Move Water.

Governors Hurricane Conference

Dewatering Pumps & Rental services offered for Emergency situations

MWI Pumps, known worldwide for quality water pumping technology, will have an Eco Primerite™ CT004 Dewatering Pump (FSA approved) on display at the booth (802) at the 2023 Governors Hurricane Conference.  We encourage everyone to stop by our booth at the Palm Beach Convention Center May 10-11th.  

Come meet with us to discuss the emergency services, rental services, and products we can offer your city, town, village, homeowners association or whether your a sub-contractor to see what we can offer with our battle-ready rental pumps

MWI Pumps, a leading provider of pumping solutions, is excited to announce its participation in the upcoming Governors Hurricane Conference, which will be held at the Palm Beach Convention Center from May 10-11, 2023, Booth 802. MWI Pumps will be showcasing its Eco Primerite™ CT004 pump and the strengths of our rental fleet, particularly for hurricane planning.

The Eco Primerite™ CT004 pump is a revolutionary product from MWI Pumps, designed to provide efficient and eco-friendly pumping solutions. The pump is powered by an energy-efficient motor, that also features a state-of-the-art control system that helps prevent overloading and minimizes wear and tear on the pump. Additionally, the pump is made of durable materials, making it ideal for harsh environments and tough pumping applications.

The pump can be used for a variety of applications, including storm water management, flood control, and dewatering. Its eco-friendly design makes it a perfect choice for municipalities and organizations that are looking for sustainable and cost-effective pumping solutions.

Dana Eller, President MWI Pumps stated, “We have several emergency services, rental solutions and products to lessen the pain that you may experience with an approaching Hurricane. These time tested solutions can help you be prepared with an approaching Tropical Storm or Hurricane.”

Compact 6" Rotoflo™ Wellpoint Dewatering Pump

Complete Compact Small. Light. Tough.

  • Over 30% smaller and lighter than piston wellpoint pumps – Fits where others can’t
  • High performance – 425 GPM & 208’ TDH
  • Maximized power of smaller engine – Saves fuel, space and overall costs
  • Quiet pack standard – 67dBA at 7M / 23’ for residential or sensitive areas
  • Low fuel consumption – Run up to 5 days
  • Complements MWI full-sized 6, 8 and 12” Rotoflo™ pumps
MWI Connect Remote with iPhone

MWIConnect™ 24/7 Remote Monitoring & Control

  • Track pump system pressure, flow, temperature, levels, vibration, start/stop and location from anywhere
  • Connects you with real-time data 24/7
  • Improve planned maintenance, track location, receive alerts for present or critical conditions, monitor system operation and troubleshoot if needed before sending out a technician
  • Save time, money and stress by maximizing efficiency while reducing emergency repairs, downtime, and unneeded on-site labor

Eco 4" Primerite™ Self-Priming Trash Pump

Municipal and Utility Approved Value & Efficiency – 4” Cost Performance

  • Substantial ROI – Optimized HP of price/performance
  • Municipal approved, affordable pricing for pump rental or purchase
  • Low fuel consumption – Run up to 3 days
  • Eco 4” flows up to 90’ TDH / 1000 GPM with 6″ up to 160′ TDH / 2300 GPM
  • Easily pumps slurries & brackish water with solids up to 3″
  • Quickly store and move when and where you need it
  • Little maintenance required

Visit us at Booth 802 at the Palm Beach Convention Center in Palm Beach May 10-11th.  Call 954-818-1513 for more details on pumps like these and pump rental services and/or visit us at: