Performance In A Small Package – Eco 4 Self-Priming Trash Pump

A Small 4” Affordable Dewatering Trash Pump

Construction dewatering requires a balance between cost, size, and performance. As engine technology has evolved to Tier-4 along with cost and performance envelopes, so has MWI Pumps. The old way of choosing a bigger engine that exceeds need and “err on oversizing” is no longer necessary. MWI recognized the need for a compact 4” affordable dewatering trash pump that can deliver high-performance with a smaller load capacity and HP. The result is the Eco Primerite™ CT004 pump that saves operating, maintenance and initial investment costs. 

Tier-4 engines work better and last longer at higher loads. Operating under reduced loads for extended periods of time will reduce the life expectancy and hurt an engine and the pump. Reduced loads result in lowered cylinder pressures and temperatures. This can lead to poor combustion, carbon build up, and deficient piston ring sealing. This cycle of degradation results in irreversible damage causing poor power delivery. MWI’s Eco Primerite™ is designed to match the average engine load which ensures higher performance over the engine’s lifecycle.

ECO 4 Primerite Pond

Designed For Cost-Savings, Quiet Efficiency and Return on Your Investment

Bigger isn’t always better and leads to overspending. The Eco Primerite™ CT004 was developed to be more efficient, quieter, and smaller. With a 35% reduced platform area envelope, and lighter than conventional 4” pumps its compact and mobile. Although it comes standard as open skid or trailer, the “Eco 4” was designed for enclosure, resulting in a self-contained unit that tactfully handles airflow, temperature, and sound-levels as low as 67dB. With a lower footprint and high Tier-4 engine performance without unused HP, the Eco 4 can handle small to mid-sized jobs with ease while providing maximum ROI.

Customer Focused to Deliver Only What is Needed

MWI is focused on our customer’s needs. By creating the self-priming Eco Primerite™ we help save time, money and stress on the jobsite. The Eco Primerite™ compact 4” affordable dewatering trash pump provides an alternative for contractors, pump rental companies, mining operators or municipalities who have jobs that do not require large, water pumps with unnecessarily high power. We feel our customers shouldn’t pay for what they don’t need.

Built Tough but Easy to Maintain

Tier-4 engines are more expensive and difficult to repair. Therefore it is very important to run them at the optimal load to maximize the lifespan and performance of the pump. The Eco 4 operates within an ideal performance package tailored by MWI’s team of in-house professional engineers to maximize output. The Eco Primerite™ efficiently moves inconsistent flows found in sewage bypass pumping and job site dewatering with ease. With an open impeller, and flows up to 93’ TDH and 1000 GPM, this 4” pump moves slurries, brackish water, and solids up to 2″ with little maintenance required.

ECO 4 1000 GPM
ECO 4 Primerite Pond

Small yet Mighty Trash Pump

The Primerite™ is a proven money saver in countless rental operations. With a smaller engine and less horsepower, the Eco 4 adds to the Primerite™ legacy by using less fuel and power, making it cost-effective and more environmentally friendly. The pump’s oil-filled bearing box, mechanical seal in an oil bath and low fuel consumption enables it to run dry all day long for up to three days.

Its rugged construction, and inexpensive operation make it easy to use, maintain, and repair. The heavy-duty Eco Primerite™ primes and re-primes automatically using the pump or engine-mounted air compressor and a unique priming assembly, which quickly draws water into the pump. These units will “snore” as they continue to draw water when flows are intermittent.

  • Quick Return on Investment — Low initial cost and inexpensive to operate
  • Lower fuel consumption — Runs up to three days
  • Flows up to 90’ TDH & 1000 GPM
  • 4” easily pumps slurries & brackish water
  • Optimal HP and load for price/performance ratio
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Handles sewage and debris solids up to 2” with open impeller design
  • Available in sizes from 4” to 12” and ranges from 1320 GPM to 6500 GPM
  • Rugged design with extreme hardness impeller and wear plates
  • Easy to maintain and repair with affordable spare parts available
  • Endurance—It can run dry indefinitely without damage to vital components (oil-filled bearing box and a mechanical seal in an oil bath)
  • Dependable—Handles inconsistent flows in sewage bypass and job site dewatering with ease
  • Self-contained—Skid- or trailer-mounted with integrated lifting bail, tie downs and fuel tank
  • Self-priming for ease of use—Continues to re-prime as needed