MWI Factory Adds 2 CNC Machines to Reduce Parts Production Times

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MWI Welcomes 2 CNC Milling Machines to add to Parts Production Capabilities

In 2019, MWI added a brand new Hyundai WIA L300MC CNC machine which dramatically cut down on parts production times while increasing safety over previous methods. The advanced technology substantially increased of the speed, safety and efficiency of creating parts such as bearing housings for our larger pumps. Previous methods required multiple operations and passes by hand with a manual lathe and mill which could take up to three days to produce a similar part.

In early 2021, MWI has now added two additional CNC milling machines to our production floor to produce pump parts even faster and more efficiently than ever before.

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Old vs New

An MWI bearing housing, was previously machined in a multi-step operation over the course of 20 hours. It is now machined in a two-step operation on the Hyundai WIA L300MC in 3 hours — an 85% cycle time savings. With the addition of 2 more CNC machines in 2021, we will be able to produce parts faster than ever before.