60 Inch Hydraflo Hydraulic Axial-Flow Pump Testing

Hydraulic Axial-Flow Pump Testing

MWI Pumps performed a week worth of testing on two 60 in. Hydraflo™ Axial-Flow Water Pumps at our facility in Deerfield Beach, FL. Special thanks to the MWI team, Scania USA and Mack Boring & Parts Company for all the hard work. 

Call 954-426-1500 or check out the Hydraflo™ page for info on our engineered pumps which can be fully customized to meet your requirements.

  • Performance: 96,000gpm maximum capacity and 18.5 ft. maximum TDH
  • Water pump shaft directly coupled to 250 cubic inch hydraulic vane motor MWI 60 in.

Hydraflo™ Skid Drive Unit:

  • Scania DC16-084A Tier 4 Final diesel engine rated 670hp / 2100rpm
  • Diesel engine powers [2] hydraulic vane pumps delivering 310gpm of hydraulic oil w/ a system pressure of 3000psi

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