How Much Horsepower Do Pump Engines Need?

How Much Horsepower Do Pump Engines Need?

How much horsepower do pump engines need? The answer to this question depends on the product’s specs as well as on the type of application. For instance, submersible pumps used for construction dewatering operate differently than axial and mixed flow pumps, which are often used for agricultural applications. Below, we provide you with a brief glimpse into the workings of a pump engine and explain how to determine the right pump and horsepower for the job.

Selecting a Pump

Different pumps are driven by either a diesel engine or an electric motor and, therefore, have different maximum capacities. Additionally, pumps move fluid at specific flow rates, and your engine’s horsepower will determine the fuel required to support the engine. Therefore, you’ll need to determine your industrial pumping needs to figure out the flow rate your project requires from the pump.

Understanding Horsepower and Units of Measurement

To calculate horsepower, there are various components you must keep in mind. Engine horsepower is determined by the flow rate (Q) or the flow rate at gallons per minute (GPM). You can also measure horsepower by cubic meter per hour of flow rate (m³/h). Furthermore, pumps use energy, or pressure, to raise water levels—we can measure this by the height of water in feet (H). The more pressure the pump provides, the higher the head.

A Quick Introduction to Engines and Tiers

If you’re working with equipment that depends on non-road diesel engines, you should know that they need to meet emissions standards. In the United States, there are four categories or “tiers” of emissions standards, and each tier has different requirements to reduce air pollutants—essentially, the higher the tier, the more stringent federal agencies’ regulations become. For example, Tier 4 engines are often used for underground mining. Their flow rates (Q) can reach 900 m³/h, and their heads (H) can be up to 1050 m, so these engines can meet the high demands of mining applications.

MWI works with reputable companies to provide customers with the most powerful engines for their water pumps. Each of the pumps we manufacture has a net horsepower requirement; the manufacturers’ curve represents gross horsepower, so you can make the best purchasing decision for your application. We sell our products worldwide, and if you have questions about any of them, our team offers free guidance. Simply give us a call at 772-770-0004, and we’ll be more than happy to help.

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