Case Study: Fighting Drought With Industrial Water Pumps

fighting drought with industrial water pumps

Hurricane season can bring about heavy rainfall and flood conditions, but hot days and less rainfall during the summer months can lead to severe drought. Both weather conditions can have a negative impact on the sugar crops that surround Lake Okeechobee if the water levels are not properly maintained.

The good news is, should these weather events occur, MWI Pumps has the industrial water pumps that can help. In fact, industrial pumps have helped before.


water pumps and the drought of 2015

Water pumps and the drought of 2015

In 2015, the ground around the sugar plants near Lake Okeechobee started to become too dry and it was deemed necessary by experts to take action and sustain proper water levels. To do this, a two-way alternative water pumping method was necessary for proper irrigation.

This method would supplement the farmland’s irrigation by drawing water from Lake Okeechobee and bringing it to the agricultural land. MWI was brought in to solve the problem with the bypass that required 180,000 CPM up and downhill with 35′ TDH across the 3,200′ distance.


How did MWI solve the problem?

MWI provided an efficient bypass system with eight pumps and drive units, which were able to handle up to 180,000 GPM during the first phase of the project. The equipment used included:


MWI designed a siphon that stretched from the canal bank to the sugar fields and then to the top of the lake dike. To develop the siphon, MWI used a 10″ Rotoflo at the peak of the dike to draw water to the peak of the suction side. From the peak, the water flowed down into Lake Okeechobee.


Was the project successful?

The system was successful and MWI provided an efficient solution to pump more water to the sugar fields without any additional units to sustain the water’s pumping capacity. MWI’s maintenance and repair services also helped to save time and money by ensuring the water pumps were always working efficiently and effectively.

MWI was retained to work on future agricultural projects because of their powerful solutions.


Looking for industrial water pumps?

Two of the most common types of industrial water pumps include centrifugal pumps and positive displacement pumps. MWI Pumps offers a wide variety of industrial, large-volume water pumps to meet your needs.

For more information about our water pumps for rental or sale, including axial and mixed flow pumps, sewage pump rentals, or anything in between, please contact MWI today.


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