How Are Hydraflo™ Pumps Used?

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Hydraflo™ pumps are submersible water pumps that drive impellers by using flexible hoses and the power of hydraulics. These large flow pumps can move large quantities of water efficiently in a variety of applications. But what separates Hydraflo™ pumps from more traditional pumps? And why would I benefit more from using Hydraflo™ pumps for flood mitigation, dewatering, storm water drainage and a multitude of other projects requiring large pumps? What sets Hydraflo™ pumps apart? water pump Hydraflo™ pumps give you all the benefits of traditional axial and mixed flow pumps without the need to build extensive civil works and permanent, expensive housing structures. This reduces the bottom line, the complexity of the job, and how long the job will take. In fact, Hydraflo™ pumps can save you between 50% to 70% on civil works costs, in addition to months or even a full year of construction time. Hydraflo™ pumps also differ from traditional pumps because they can be quickly set up within a matter of hours. This eliminates the amount of time and labor spent on water pump installation. What’s more, you have greater speed control and portability. They can be moved to multiple locations quickly and painlessly, or stored when not needed. Submersible Hydraflo™ pumps have a separate drive unit which can be elevated above floodwaters, or even helds up in the air via a crane which protects it unlike traditional unmoveable pump stations. or located a distance away from where the pumps are installed.  MWI drive units include hydraulic tanks with biodegradable fluids that meet EPA’s toxicity limits, and standard features such as an engine safety shut-down switch activated by loss of pressure, excessive pressure, low oil levels, or overheating., MWI Pumps has equipped the Hydraflo™ to handle the toughest environments with the simplest of ease. They can run dry indefinitely, handle large amounts of solids, run under extremely adverse intake conditions, and even survive a complete jam such as when something gets stuck within the pump, with little to no damage to the unit.

What are the benefits of Hydraflo™ pumps?

Hydraflow mobile bypass Hydraflo™ pumps offer a variety of benefits for many different applications such as fast installation and setup, which saves time and money, and optimized mobility for easy relocations. Here are a few other benefits you can expect from using a Hydraflo™ pump:
  • Minimal wear due to stainless steel blades and replaceable stainless steel liners.
  • Less costly operation
  • Less maintenance
  • Ability to double your pumping height, because they are Stackable, using bolt-together features for the higher-head applications
  • Low profile, so drive units and pumps can be designed to blend in to most environments, especially in residential neighborhoods.
  • Because of our lubrication system,  each unit can be installed AND operated at any angle, from horizontal to vertical.
  • Oil lubricated mechanical seal
  • Pump can run dry
  • Heavy trash loading capability
  • Eco-friendly hydraulic fluid options
  • Safe operations
  • Variable-speed pumping control

What are Hydraflo™ pumps used for?

hydraflo water transfer Hydraflo™ pumps are used in an incredible number of applications because they’re versatile, efficient, and easily movable. Some of the top applications Hydraflo™ pumps are used for include:
  • Agricultural irrigation
  • Flood control
  • Stormwater drainage
  • Municipal
  • Industrial
  • Dewatering
  • Pump stations
  • Hurricane protection
  • Moving large volumes of water
  • Construction
  • Maintenance and/or emergency activities to dewater ponds, lakes or mines

Looking for a water pump service?

Floods have cost the U.S. up to $40 billion over the last nine years. Water pump rentals or sales such as Hydraflo™ pumps can help to mitigate floodwaters and keep flood and combined sewer systems under control when there’s too much rain. If you’re looking for Hydraflo™ pumps for emergency pumping or water infrastructure security, MWI is the water pump service for you. To learn more about our rental services, including 24/7 emergency line, on-site maintenance and off-site repair, contact MWI today.