Dewatering: 4 Solutions for Containing Noise

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Respect thy neighbor during dewatering by keeping the noise down.

While dewatering is often needed on large construction sites, the pumps and generators required can often become quite noisy. Contractors must look for ways to perform dewatering without excessive noises that could disrupt surrounding areas. This is especially true when groundwater control work is taking place near residential areas, schools, government buildings, hospitals, or anywhere that quiet operations are necessary.

There are a variety of solutions that contractors can use to contain noise during dewatering, a few of which we’ll outline below.

1. Sound Attenuated Enclosures – These are used during dewatering to keep equipment quiet, cool and also provide easy access to necessary components for service. These enclosures are ideal for areas where quiet operations are necessary. MWI offers a sound attenuated enclosure, The Silent Partner, which features fully automated operation, auto start-stop, telemetry, and fault indicator lights.

2. Use of Sound Attenuating Materials – Another way that contractors can minimize noise during dewatering is by using sound attenuating materials such as hay bales to surround the dewatering equipment. These materials can help dampen the sound for surrounding areas.

3. Installation of mufflers and exhaust systems – Similar to the muffler in your car, dewatering equipment should have adequate muffler and exhaust systems to reduce noise. This equipment must also be regularly maintained to prevent issues that could cause excessive noise during operation.

4. Operation of noisy equipment during set time periods – Another way that contractors can be accommodating to others is by only operating noisy equipment during set time periods. These time periods can be setup prior to dewatering so that all who are affected by the project understand when the noise will begin and end.

Don’t make enemies during dewatering

While dewatering may be noisy, it’s best to take all the necessary precautions to ensure that noise is minimized. If your construction site is near areas or people where excessive noise could disrupt activities, it’s important to put the necessary safeguards in place to respect your surroundings.

At MWI Pumps we work with a large number of contractors who must perform dewatering in areas where quiet operations are required. For these applications we proudly offer The Silent Partner, which is a sound attenuated enclosure that can house the PrimeRite™, Hydraflo™, RotoFlo™, and DuraFlo™ in its enclosure. For more information on our enclosures, or for general tips on how to reduce noise at your dewatering site, feel free to reach out to our team today by phone at 954-426-1500 or through our contact form.