MWI is turning 90

1926-2016: MWI’s 90th year anniversary

After being founded by Hoyt Eller in 1926, MWI is now looking forward to its 90th year anniversary in the water pump industry. The company was and is still a family run business with the fourth generation of engineers currently running the company. Today, MWI has 7 different locations across the state of Florida, with two in Deerfield Beach, to help better serve our Floridian customers and too expand on what is an already great and thriving business.

In 1968, MWI started its own Rental Division to run from Deerfield Beach, Florida and used their technology to their advantage to create mobile water pumps for use on trailers and mounted units with lifting bails. The same year, MWI developed the Hydraflo, a hydraulicly driven axial water pump. The Hydraflo is MWI’s most versatile and highest demanded pump from our customers. In 1983, MWI purchased Couch Pump Company(CPC), founded in 1917, which was one of the oldest companies in Florida at the time. CPC specialized in massive discharge water pumps. In 1998, MWI purchased the assets of Sloan Pump Company, a manufacturer of hydraulically driven trash pumps specialized in construction dewatering.

Over the years, MWI’s biggest job would have to be when we unwateered New Orleans after the devastation from Hurricane Katrina in 2005. We sent 40 of our biggest pumps to get the job done, received awards for our effort, and gained permanent customers in Louisiana.

MWI is an ISO 9001 certified company and we work with hundreds of vendors, contractors, engineers, and customers every year. The majority of our engineers received their degrees from the University of Florida.