Brand X

In another successful refurbishment and repair project, MWI Pumps worked with a local water management agency to repair a brand new, but dysfunctional pump. The pump, which was used in flood control for an orange grove, was recently purchased brand new by the client. The client ran “Brand X” pump for a few hours and the pump locked up and the company was unable to utilize the pump. “The pumps failed right off the bat, even with only a few hours on them and they locked up,” explained Tom Hyde with MWI Pumps.

At this point, the company sent the project out to bid and MWI Pumps was awarded the job. The pump, seen left, came to MWI covered heavily in rust due to a carbon steel upper shaft that doesn’t have the proper tube enclosure on it.“This shaft would have worked if it had an oil-bathed enclosed tube to prevent corrosion, but it was just basically left in the elements,” said Hyde.

“We put a brand-new stainless steel shaft plus an enclosing tube that is essentially lubricated by canal water. The stainless steel will keep it from rusting.” During the process, MWI Pumps replaced the shaft, new bearings, new couplings,  serviced the  gear boxes and reassembled the pump using the proper hardware.

The pump took three months to complete and is now reinstalled and has passed all operational testing as well as the customer’s goals.  Please see before and after photos below.