MWI Pumps Invests in Robust Machinery for Vero Beach Repair Division

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Vero Beach, Florida

MWI Pumps, a leading manufacturer and full service provider of high-volume water pumps and solutions, recently invested in new robust equipment for their Vero Beach Repair Division.

The company purchased a King 72 Inch Vertical Mill. This powerful machine will now allow the Vero Beach Repair Division of MWI to overhaul pumps sized up to 72 inches in-house.

Prior to the acquisition of this new piece of machinery, the Vero Beach Repair Division of MWI Pumps had the capabilities to repair pumps sized up to 36 inches in diameter at this specific location. When repairing larger pieces, the company would transport the pumps to their facility in Deerfield Beach, Florida. The Deerfield Beach location has the capacity to service pumps up to 120 inches in diameter.

“This new piece of equipment will accelerate our process,” commented MWI Pump Rental Division Manager John Springer. “It allows us to speed up repair time by 25 percent!”

The company prides itself on their commitment to quality customer service and limiting unneeded pump downtime, that’s why MWI Pumps provide backup units to their customers while the damaged ones are being repaired.

“Only a few companies provide rental pumps while repairing the damaged systems,” Springer continued to explain. “We have a large fleet of rental pumps that can handle up to 100,000 gallons per minute available to our customers while their pumps are being repaired.”

MWI Pumps Repair Division offers a wide range of pump service capabilities for flood control, irrigation, storm water, agriculture, aquaculture, industrial applications, and cooling water.  These services include running engineered diagnostics, providing 24 hour emergency services, and selling replacement parts. Pump rebuilding, testing, and training also take place at these facilities.

The MWI Pump Vero Beach Repair office is located at 7775 SW 9th Street, Vero Beach, Florida.

More details about MWI Pumps products and services can be found at the company website,


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