Cost Effective Pump Repair

Cost Effective Pump Repair

Water District Pump Repair Project

MWI Pumps handles many clients across the U.S., and when a water district approached MWI to repair a continually failing pump, the team jumped at the chance to solve the problem.

The client had a pump used to pump water into a reservoir for cleaning before it went back into the main system and one of the pumps, around five years old, continued to fail and the water district officials came down to meet with MWI Pumps to see what we could do to help them. The pump, even after numerous repairs, continued to fail and the client needed an affordable option to repair it.

“They brought the failed pump to us and we decided to save the barrel (the pipe on the outside) and replace all the internal workings including the pump-shaft, enclosing tube, bearing carriers, bronze bearings, impeller and intake bell,” said Thomas Hyde with MWI/Couch Pump Repair. “On the outside it looks like ‘Brand X’ but on the inside it is a MWI/Couch pump.”

MWI implemented this cost-effective solution for the client that not only was dealing with the costs the pump caused in downtime, but also saved about 30% of the cost by refurbishing the pump instead of purchasing a replacement.

“It’s just like a car – if the engine fails, it’s more affordable to buy a $5000 engine than a $50,000 vehicle,” explains Hyde. “In this case, it was a storm drainage pump used in a flooding situation to help move water.”

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