MWI Works to Pump Water Out of New Orleans

Media contacts: Kevin Boyd or Mike Powers at 954-527-3355.
Published by MWI
Published September 12, 2005

MWI currently have 12 very large Hydraflo pumps on site to help dewater New Orleans. These 12 pumps have the capability to pump over 630,000 gallons per minute at a 10 foot head. We also have a representative from the MWI Rental Division, Mr. Matt Milinski on the ground along with the eight 42 inch and four 30 inch Hydraflo pumps. Matt is a registered professional engineer who has extensive experience with Hydraflos. Our Rental General Manager, Mr. John Springer is orchestrating the entire operation.

The most photographed pump in the media is the one shown below. That is the discharge pipe from one of our 30 inch Hydraflo. The caption from this article reads: A worker watches the water flow out of a 30-inch pipe that pumps out 27,000 gallons of water per minute in Metairie, La., Tuesday. Water is now being pumped out of the city after officials repaired a broken flood wall.

In addition to MWI Rental Pumps, there are also two 24 inch Hydraflos belonging to a pump rental company based out of California, which has a local office in Baton Rouge. You can see the Hydraflos on the 17th St. Canal levee below

Hydraflos are the only very large pumps that can be quickly picked up and moved around and then quickly installed. David Eller developed and patented the Hydraflos. Today only two other companies make a similar pump and only in sizes below 24″. The propeller or impeller is driven by a hydraulic motor that is connected to a diesel engine or electric motor drive unit by flexible hydraulic hoses. That gives enormous flexibility in placement of the units and makes them quick and easy to install. Our 30 inch units are capable of 38,000 gallons per minute at a 10 foot head and the 42 inch units can pump 70,000 gallons per minute at a similar head.

To help understand those numbers, a typical home swimming pool is about 12,000 gallons. The 42 inch pump would fill a pool in a little over 10 seconds. We also make a mobile version of this pump which is mounted on a trailer and can be pumping massive quantities of water in minutes from the time it arrives on site. Both Mexico and Egypt have used standard Hydraflos and Mobile Hydraflos to establish multiple nationwide emergency centers for exactly this kind of situation. They have used Hydraflos extensively for many years.

Media contacts: Kevin Boyd or Mike Powers at 954-527-3355.